Centennial Services Inc.


Centennial Services Inc. was founded at the end of the 80s by people who really like gardening but had been working for Very Large Landscape Firms doing jobs like Quality Assurance Supervisor, Accounting Manager, Systems Analyst, Maintenance Superintendent and sometimes, Zchlub. CSI, as we like to call it, unites the skills used in those somewhat esoteric capacities with our dirt digging gardening roots and brings this rich mixture to the hands-on arena of providing gardening services to our customers. While everyone at Centennial has a specialized function in making the business successful, everyone is also a Gardener and proud of it.

Since 1988, the gardeners at Centennial Services Inc. have emphasized the importance of personalized service, attention to the needs of the plants, and creative problem solving in the development and care of successful and attractive landscape environments. Today, decades later, we still aim for these goals in our everyday service:

  • Take actions to nurture the health, function and beauty of the plants, protect the integrity of the soil, conserve water, and maintain a happy balance between the landscape and the various elements and activities at each site.
  • Understand our customers’ expectations for their site and required functions of the landscaped areas and so modify our operations to integrate with people’s use of their landscape and site. Provide guidance in the selection, modification and care of landscape related site elements to maximize the value received from our services.
  • Provide opportunities for growth in education and professionalism among our staff so they may not only develop personally but also respond to our customers needs in a personal, knowledgeable and prompt manner.
  • Share our experiences in landscaping with our customers and the community to increase understanding of landscape and land use. Bring the joy we have experienced working in the field of gardening and landscaping to our work each day and spread the joy among our daily business contacts.
  • Manage our business efficiently so we may offer reliable and cost-effective service into the foreseeable future.

We take pride in applying these principles to all phases of our business. We provide quality landscape maintenance, renovation and construction services at commercial, industrial and community properties in southern California. Everyone at Centennial is a gardener ready and willing to make these objectives a day-to-day reality at your site.

Some of our unique capabilities:

  • Irrigation management and water cost containment. We have been keeping our customers’ irrigation water use within budget long before "Smart irrigation" was a buzz word.
  • Irrigation retrofits, including field-tested drip irrigation systems. We actually know how to specify, install, control and maintain drip irrigation systems that work.
  • Landscape renovation includes design services and site analysis that emphasize creative solutions to give the maturing landscape a new lease on life while paying attention to the cost component.
  • Pre-build cost and function analysis of your construction plan offers recommendations for more effective uses of construction dollars and better long-term outcomes at your built sites.
  • Integrated pest management takes into account the dynamic nature of pest occurrences and strives to control pest damage while using the least intrusive materials and methods.

We want to be your gardeners. We have "over a hundred ways" to help you attain and maintain the best possible landscape for your needs.


We are licensed by the California Contractors State License Board.

Our license number is 798639, class C27.

We are members in good standing of California Landscape Contractors Association.

We are fully insured for all phases of our business activities.

We are licensed and certified by California Department of Pesticide Regulation for the application of pesticides on your properties.

If you require certificates of insurance or additional information regarding licensing or if you want to talk landscape please contact our office.