Maintenance Services.

Dividing Perennials
Drainage Evaluation
Edging and trimming groundcover
Edging and trimming lawn areas
Emergency tree (limb) removal
Erosion control
Foliar feeding
Fruit control
Gypsum applications
Iron fertilization
Lawn renovation
Maintain buffer area at trees
Mowing lawn area
Nitrogen Fertilization
Organic soil amendments
Preventive maintenance
Pruning scheduling
Removing spent blossoms
Rose care
Selective shrub pruning
Shearing hedges and shrubs
Slope maintenance
Soil sampling and testing
Soil treatments
Trace element fertilization
Tree Removal
Tree support maintenance
Tree trimming
Winter overseeding

Annual flowerbed design and planting
Concrete repair
Drain installation
Irrigation and landscape design
Irrigation system installation
Landscape renovation
Low-flow irrigation equipment
Picnic area installation
Plant selecting and procurement
Sod installation
Stepping stones installed
Tree sitting and planting

Backflow certification
Certified irrigation audits
Controller manuals and training
Controller repairs
Controller upgrades
Hand watering of planters
Irrigation design
Irrigation meter readings
Irrigation retrofits
Leak detection and repair
Moisture sensor installation
Program irrigation system
Rain sensor installation
Repair irrigation system
Soil moisture analysis
Spring irrigation tuneups
Sprinkler coverage check
Sprinkler renozzling
Sprinkler repair
Valve cleaning and maintenance
Valve identification
Valve repair
Water management and budgeting
Weather tracking
Wire tracing and repairs
Zone charting

Arachnid control
Bermudagrass control
Continuous education
Crabgrass control
Disease control and prevention
Disease identification
Gopher control
Insect control
Insect identification
Integrated pest management
Non-selective weed eradication
Selective weed control in turf
Snail control
Vertebrate pest control
Weed abatement for fire safety
Weed identification
Weed pulling

Clean gutters
Clean trash enclosures
Clear storm drains and v-ditches
Emergency clean ups
Emergency Pumping
Lighting maintenance
Parking lot cleanup
Picnic area policing
Raking and removing leaves
Removal of problem trees
Remove vines from walls
Remove weeds from paved areas
Slope cleanup
Snail cleanup
Storm patrol
Stump grinding
Sweep, blow or vacuum pavement
Trash cleanup and hauling
Web control and cleanup

Catalog of landscape elements
Customer service and walkthrough
Green waste recycling
Historical water use records
Horticultural information
Insurance certificates available
Irrigation meter reading
Irrigation zone charting
Management plan development
Mapping the landscape
Measurement of the landscape
Preventive maintenance
Property evaluation
Public relations
Reduced-noise blowers
Specification writing and review
Sustainable landscape development
Technical information
Tree care consultation
Valve tagging and mapping
Water bill audits
Water conservation information
Water use projection